Auger wearshoe ordering instructions

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Auger wearshoe ordering instructions
poly auger wear shoes
auger poly wear shoes
6" dia Wearshoe - No Countersunk Holes
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Custom-made Poly Auger Wearshoes - 3/8" thick UHMW (Note: custom flighting typically has a lead time of 1~2 weeks)

Ordering information:

Measurement A: Flight Height - distance of the flight from shaft to edge.  NOTE: Flight height X 2 + center shaft diameter = flight diameter

Measurement B: Diameter of the center shaft.

Measurement C: Pitch - space between flights.  NOTE: when measuring pitch, be sure t okeep the tape measure parallel with the center shaft.

Left Hand or Right Hand turn

Please be accurate with your measurements because there is a no-return policy with custom-made orders.

Wearshoes are sold per 1 pitch or rotation. Includes poly-capped bolts.

When selecting an auger diameter size, round up to the nearest whole size for auger diamter (i.e. have a 6.25" diameter auger, must order 7" size wearshoe).

Per pitch
A. Flight height / B. shaft diameter / C. Pitch / Left Hand or Right Hand

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