Massey auger wearshoes

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Massey auger wearshoes
Massey 8450/8460 tank fill - 9", 1 7/8", 6", LH
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Resists Abrasion and Corrosion 

Extend the life and performance of your steel auger with Poly Wear Shoes.

The wearshoes are available in different diameters (outside and shaft) and pitches to fit most common combine, grain cart and transport augers. Each individual wearshoe covers one pitch (revolution) of the auger.  They are pre-formed and pre-drilled for wasy installation.  They oin together using a patented bevel lap joint and are bolted to the auger with special UHMW-capped bolts which are counter sunk for a smooth surface.

How to interpret the model Part Number (PN) description 

Example:  Massey Ferguson 8780 horiz. unload - 12", 3", 10", LH
Interpret: (brand) (model) (auger type) (total diameter), (shaft diameter) (pitch) (left-hand or right-hand turn)

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