Poly Cutting Edge

Poly Cutting Edge

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Poly Cutting edge on bucket
Poly Cutting edge on Atv
Poly Cutting Edge - 3/4" x 8"
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For use on ATV and snow blower mounted plow blades, skid loaders and other bucker-mounted equipment

Poly Cutting Edges are designed to protect smooth, hard surfaces - such as cobblestone and some pavements that can be damaged by equipment. They are not design for continual use on rough surfaces.

  • Non-stick UHMW poly surface reduces debris build up
  • Prevents scuffing concrete or cobblestone sidewalks
  • Less shock to equipment in uneven concrete conditions
  • Lightweight compared to metal cutting edges
  • Available in different thicknesses (3/4", 1" or 1-1/2") and widths (4", 6" or 8")
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free operation

Custom sized for your particular application. Measurements needed include blade length and optional hole drilling; quantity , distance between holes (center to center) and distance from edge to center of 1st hole.

Optional hardware kit includes 5/8" X 2" mounting bolt, nut, lock washer and washer. (one kit required per hole).

Per running in.

“Our staff has to clear snow on  4 miles of sidewalks plus numerous smaller parking lots in the City of Glencoe.   Several years ago, the City of Glencoe completed the building of a new City Center, including new sidewalks.  We decided to make the switch from metal cutting edges to the May Wes Poly Cutting Edge in an effort to prevent scuffing our new sidewalks.  May Wes helped us figure out the proper Poly Cutting Edge size requirements to fit our particular snow blowers and plow blades.

Since using the Poly Cutting Edge, we like how the poly material flexes when the blade hits uneven sidewalks, preventing the shock on the equipment and chipping the concrete.  In the past with metal cutting edges,  we’d get a hard stop impact and shock to the equipment.  Also, we found with the lightweight poly material, installs can be done by one staff person instead of two that was needed with metal cutting edges.

We are satisfied with the service from May Wes and the quick product shipment. “

Mike Drew, Park Superintendent for the City of Glencoe, MN

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